Name£ºSingle Board Down Stroke Needle loom

  • Name: Single Board Down Stroke Needle loom 
  • Model: SDN-260 


  • Working width: 2600mm. 
  • Stroke: 40mm. 
  • Number of needles£º5435 needles£¯m£¨stripped plate hole¦µ4.2mm£¬support plate hole up¦µ4.2mm, down¦µ5.5mm, high smooth-fineness£©. 
  • Stroke frequency£ºmax1100 strokes£¯min. 
  • Production speed: 1¡«5m£¯min. 
  • Installed power: input roller motor 0.75+ output roller motor 0.75+ oil pump motor 0.75+ stripped plate motor 0.37+ support plate motor 0.75+ heat sink motor 0.75+ main shaft motor 18.5£¨main motor power is 18.5kw while one level increased£©=22.62kw. 


1).Keep low generating-heat, little vibration, low noise, no sway while running at high speed. Temperature of the main shaft is less than 60¡æ after the whole machine works for 15 hours. Increase the quantity of lubricant heat sink, to decrease the temperature. 

2).The entire machine is treated with inertia balance precisely, vibrations are removed thoroughly. No special requirement for foundation. 

  • Size: 3700£¨length£©¡Á1400£¨width£©¡Á(2400+400)£¨height£©. 
  • Weight: 11000Kg.