Name£ºCarding Type Fiber Air Layer Machine

  • Name: Carding Type Fiber Air Layer Machine 
  • Model£ºCFA-280

Specifications: 

  • Working width£º2800mm. 
  • Fiber applied: fibers 10¡«35dtex£¬¡Ü100mm. 
  • Input speed: 1.5¡«7.5m£¯min. 
  • Forming speed: 2¡«10m£¯min. 
  • Input weight: 200¡«2000g¨Mm2. 
  • Forming weight: 30¡«800g¨Mm2. 
  • Production capacity£º45¡«500kg£¯h. 
  • Installed power: feeding system motor 1.5+cylinder to stripped roller motor 15+working roller motor 1.5+horizontal wind wheel motor 7.5+axial compressor fan 5.5¡Á2+forming lattice 2.2+cleaning roller0.75£½39.45KW.

Characteristics: 

  • Fiber layers after being opened, cleaned, mixed or carried are fed to carding machine and sre further carded to become single fiber. Under the combined action of centrifugal force causing by cylinder¡¯s high-speed rotation and airflow of horizontal wind wheel to the direction of tangent, fibers dropping from gears of cylinder, conveyed by air, gathering at forming lattice with negative voltage, are transformed to three-dimensional random fiber layers, and are carried to the next process. 
  • Size: 2800£¨length£©¡Á3300£¨width£©¡Á2500£¨height£©. 
  • Weight: 5000Kg.