Name£ºOne Box Fiber Mixing Machine

  • Name: One Box Fiber Mixing Machine 
  • Model£ºSMH-220

Specifications: 

  • Working width£º2200mm. 
  • Production capacity£º500kg/h. 
  • Fiber storage£º30m3. 
  • Fiber applied£ºfibers with fineness 1¡«90D, length¡Ü75mm. 
  • Installed power£ºhorizontal lattice motor0.75+dosing beater motor 0.75(6p)+stripped beater motor(6p)+spiked lattice motor2.2=4.95kw.

Characteristics: 

1) This machine is for evenly mixing different fibre. Working principle: After pre-loosened by the spike opener, the fibre is delivered by the wind with certain pressure and speed through the feeding pipe, goes into the top of the chamber, and spread on the lattice by the whirlwind head, then taken to next machine by the spike lattice.
2) The speed of spike lattice and level lattice is controlled by transducer, convenient for adjusting feeding quantity.
3) Many parts of the machine is photoelectricly controlled, to ajust the fibre storage for ensuring the fibre evenly mixing.
4) Leftover material is taken by the fan directly into the hopper.
5) Board style structure, is convenvient for installation and transportation. 

  • Size£º7300£¨length£©¡Á2850£¨width£©¡Á4550£¨height£©. 
  • Weight£º4000Kg.