Motto£º¡°Honesty and faith leading to enterprise¡¯s success, Quality resulting enterprise¡¯s fortune.

Purport£ºHonesty, Good faith, High quality and technology, Continuous progress.

Employment policy£ºElevating people with both talent and virtue, Employing people with virtue but no talent, Cautiously employing people with talent but no virtue, Not employing people without virtue and talent.

Quality policy£ºBeing honest and respect to customers, Obeying standard and keeping faith, Excellent quality first, Keeping improving and innovating

Production policy£ºStriving for perfection, Pursuing excellence

Slogan£ºMaking the most of all our capacities, Founding national brand, Aiming at becoming the DILO or FEHRER of China.

Employee regulations£ºRespecting work and being honest, Being faithful in words and deeds, Caritas and simplicity, Diligence and improvement.
I am proud of being one in Sanfai, and Sanfai is proud of having me.