1.Medical Treatment: coat&cap&cover for surgery, gypsum absorbent cotton, sanitary towel, infant paper diaper£¬ wet paper towel, paper pants, dustproof cover, sterilized fabric, wiper, magic towel, tissue roll, cosmetics.

2.Agriculture: fabric for harvesting, fabric for shed, crop-protected fabric, fabric for seeding, fabric for irrigation, thermal covering, etc.

3.Industry: soft disk lining, fabric for loudspeaker, filtration materials, sound-proof felt of loudspeaker box, lining of gasket ring, fabric for electric cable, glass fiber reinforced towel, industrial wiper, shockproof insert, insulation material, base lining of tape, base lining of tube, air pipe, leather for sofa, waterproof roll of roof and base material of asphalt tile, reinforced material, polishing material, geo-textile, cladding fabric, etc..

4.Package£º composite bags for cement, liner fabric for case, base liner for packing, wadding for quilt, storage bag, fabric for movable pattern case.

5¡¢Apparel and Shoemaking£º apparel liner, wadding pieces, hard liner of toe cap, liner of shoe heel, underclothes, man-made buckskin, synthetic leather, thermal shoe liner, liner of cloth shoes.

6.Automobile industry£ºshockproof felt, roof board, liner of cushion, carpet, liner for car door, filter core of automobile, completed cushion.

7.Household decoration: fabric inside sofa, carpet, wall-pasted fabric, glass-wiping fabric, tea bag, filter bag of cleaner, shopping bag, printing sheet, soft cushion, sleeping bag, dry-cleaning wiper, scouring pad, curtain, tablecloth, lampshade.

8.Civil engineering& architecture: reinforce& filtration materials, backing fabric of felt, drainage board, water proof materials for roof, railway, highway, embankment, water slope, sound insulation of port, sewer, heat proof, separation, drainage.

9.Other uses£ºlaunching rocket, heatproof cone of guided missile¡¯s head part, lining of back of jet nozzle, high-grade banknote-printing fabric, heatproof tile for space shuttle, fabric for map, fabric for wall calendar, man-made fabric, oil painting fabric, etc..